about us

The International Dance Center is an art agency that produces and organizes dance performances, competitions, workshops and festivals.

Thanks to the fact that the agency is the founder and main producer of the dance company Baby Ballet Prague and Ballet Prague Junior, with all the associated responsibilities, it is possible for the influx of several experienced graduates of the Prague Dance Center into MCT management, thus increasing the quality of events.

Since 1994, the International Dance Center has been an association formed with graduates of the Prague Dance Center, a conservatory - grammar school and other collaborators (artistic, professional, production and marketing partners).

Since 1994 (when the Prague Dance Center was established), it has become exclusively an association of graduates taking over responsibility for selected professional, artistic and social activities. Already during their studies, graduates have learned how to practically operate and manage a non-profit organization, which gives these people countless experiences in their future professional lives.

The association (still cooperating with the main organizer: Dance Center Prague, conservatory) organizes selected art events, such as programs for schools How to Do a Dancer or Creating a Dance or performances Welcome to the World, Dance of the Forest, Dialogues without Words, Zero Gravity, Magic Flute, Flying around the world or the Prometheus Case - ballets of their two professional junior ensembles - the younger Baby Ballet Prague and the older Ballet Prague Junior. He also prepares the Christmas dance stage, Yeartime performances, Graduate performances, International Dance Weeks or Summer Dance Workshops.

Since September 2001, the association has also taken care of the Children's Dance Studio and provides its educational activities. The International Dance Center is an organizer of art events outside Prague and is preparing conditions for the year-round artistic operation of an independent dance ensemble Balet Praha Junior (consisting of 6th to 8th year students and TCP graduates) and since 2004 the operation of a younger ensemble Baby Balet Praha, consisting of students 3 to the 5th year of TCP.